At the center of the Big Bend is this eclectic small town, filled with the most interesting collection of characters in Texas. From artists to students to cowboys to business people.

Within easy walking distance of the Hotel Holland there are restaurants and bars, plus a few places where you can find live entertainment. The shopping always offers a variety of local specialties that surprise and delight visitors.

There are local museums, a walking tour, parks, churches, and a university.

We have lots of mountains -- even downtown -- and it's not unusual to see deer in the neighborhood.

You'll know you're in Texas, but it may not be the Texas you expect.



  • That's us! Down on the left (west) side, on the corner of Holland Avenue.
  • Alpine loves a parade. If you don't see one, come back soon. We'll have one for you then, or you can start your own.
  • Yes, this is real cowboy country. Everywhere you look.
  • Alpine is famous for its shopping -- especially art, crafts, and western items.
  • Sul Ross State University is just down the street.
  • A typical Alpine neighborhood.
  • The Century Bar and Grill is our next-door-neighbor. Enjoy!
  • In Alpine, we know how to throw a party. This one is celebrating the Arts.
  • Amtrak stops at our front door. Just cross the street and you'll be in your Hotel Holland luxury room in no time at all.
  • Just another damn parade. You'll get used to them.
  • If you don't feel like chasing after the neighborhood wildlife, they'll come to you.
  • Another dance across the street from the Hotel Holland.
  • Sul Ross is where College Rodeo began. And it's still going strong.
  • Yeehah!
  • Enjoy our favorite neighborhood bistro at mealtime. (That white wall is our hotel.)
  • Museums, galleries, and art shows galore.
  • Wherever you are, there's something spectacular to see.
  • The Museum of the Big Bend tells it "like it was."
  • When they sing, "Where the deer and the antelope play," they're talking about us.
  • Sit back, sip, and relax -- or sing along.
  • We've got the greatest historic small-town baseball stadium ever.
  • Local artists showcase their latest work.
  • Visitors will be treated to spectacular sunsets, followed by darkness and many, many stars.
  • There's always live entertainment somewhere. Ask around.
  • There's a lot of hot air in Alpine, so we've figured out what to do with it.
  • Trappings of Texas, on display.
  • High desert standards.
  • That's our hotel across the street from the party. But don't worry -- the band will be gone by the time you get here.