An extraordinary area of the great state of Texas, the Big Bend is home to mountains, desert, and lots of western history. A collection of small towns are connected by gorgeous highways and vistas. The closest are Marathon, Marfa, and Fort Davis, but colorful Terlingua, Lajitas, and Presidio are nearby, too, adjacent to Mexico.

There are great views throughout the area and wildlife abounds. Our big open night skies are the playground of the MacDonald Observatory. And, our southern boundary is the Rio Grande, which flows through the magnificent canyons of the Big Bend National Park.

Best of all, everything in the Big Bend is a day trip from the Hotel Holland. Enjoy.



  • The Big Bend National Park -- canyons courtesy of the Rio Grande.
  • Fort Davis is the cavalry fort in Fort Davis.
  • The Big Bend is mostly desert and mountains.
  • You can always hear the music of the Big Bend somewhere.
  • Millions of years in the making, this park is defined by the Rio Grande and is the actual Big Bend.
  • Even today, Fort Davis remains unvanquished.
  • Not a zoo.
  • The Rio Grande isn't just historic -- it's downright fun!
  • This is the real Old West -- cattle trails, wagon trains, and the Overland Trail.
  • Yes, THAT Judge Roy Bean. The Pecos River is the eastern border of the Big Bend.
  • The local geology offers a view of our past, including lots of fossils.
  • The Terlingua Cemetery is one of the most photographed spots in Texas.
  • The University of Texas MacDonald Observatory is the home of NPR's Stardate series.
  • Fort Davis was the home of the legendary Buffalo Soldiers.
  • The Big Bend Suburbs.
  • Visit the MacDonald Observatory, where the stars come to play.
  • Marfa's Chinati Foundation minimalizes art.
  • A true old-timey Texas cowtown.
  • This historic railroad bridge spans the Pecos River near Langtry.
  • West Texas courthouses rule.
  • The Terlingua ghosttown is an abandoned cinnabar/mercury mining town.
  • Where Texas and New York collide.
  • For a ghost town, Terlingua is a busy place.
  • The "Post" in Marathon is a popular venue for West Texas outings.
  • Area rodeos bring out the best in cowboys and animals alike.
  • The ghosttown. Come soon or you'll miss it.
  • Sometimes a ghost town comes to life -- to celebrate chili (or chile) on an international scale.
  • The famous Marfa Mystery Lights can be viewed from their own roadside attraction. Maybe.
  • Fort Leaton, between Redford and Presidio, is the oldest neighborhood in the U.S.
  • Wildlife.
  • Wild life!
  • Fort Davis was the last U.S. Cavalry outpost on the frontier.
  • Chinati. Art. Marfa. Lights.


This part of West Texas is known for ranching, but also boasts art galleries, shopping, and destination entertainment such as river rafting and dude ranch treks. Bird watchers come from all over the world, as do chili afficianados, and cross-country cyclists.

There are also events ranging from rodeos to hot air ballooning, cowboy poetry, an open road race, and art festivals. Take your pick.